Economic Freedom in Action: Changing Lives is a one-hour documentary that travels the globe to profile inspiring entrepreneurs from nations that have increased economic freedom for their citizens. From Zambia to South Korea, from Slovakia to Chile, this rise in economic freedom has led to increased prosperity and longevity, allowing more people to rise out of poverty and build positive futures for themselves and their children. Hosted by noted Swedish author, commentator and Cato Senior Fellow Johan Norberg, Economic Freedom in Action: Changing Lives explores the very definition of economic freedom. By reviewing and explaining the findings of the latest Fraser Institute Economic Freedom of the World Annual Report, the program reveals — in personal and dramatic terms — the impact of increased economic freedom on the lives of ordinary citizens across the globe.
Four people profiled in this film include:
  • Sylvia Banda, who is a Zambian restaurant owner and food entrepreneur playing a critical role in the transformation of Zambia’s rural farmers.

  • Daesung Kim, who escaped North Korea in 1997 and today is a venture capitalist in Seoul, South Korea who funds business ventures for his fellow North Korean refugees.

  • Katarina Rybáriková, who, with her mother and brother, runs the only European outpost of the popular Paul Frank brand. They are part of a new generation of Slovakian business owners rising out of the economic ashes of communism.

  • John Hernandez, who is a bee farmer in Chile helping the international fight against a dramatic fall in the world’s bee population.